Painting in Colour

'In the beginning God created.' The beauty of first line of the Bible has been somewhat lost in recent years as we have allowed ourselves to be dragged into debates about the origins of all things. It is a shame that in an attempt to stand firm in the face of what has been labelled a threat to Christian belief some have turned this verse into a banner from which to argue with scientists. I've never been comfortable with this.

The first chapter of the Bible for me tells me much more about who God is and how He calls us to be than it does about the forming of the universe. The overarching message appears to be that a God of love fills formless and empty voids with colour and life. His imagination for good things releases light into darkness and life into lifeless space. At the end of his creative display he forms us and tells us that we are like Him, we are to be like Him.

We are to be creative beings too. When we see emptiness and darkness we are to allow our imaginations to fill the world with light and life. We are to allow the creative spark that comes from being created in the image of our creator to flow out of us. We are to continue the growth of creation. 

When we look around our city, workplaces and communities we will find ourselves seeing problems to be solved. In these moments may we be people who open our imaginations and ask for the creative God to help us create solutions that bring light and life into these places and relationships. May it be now with us as it was in the beginning with Him.