Love Your Neighbour

In days gone by the most well known Bible verses were, Psalm 23, 'The Lord is my shepherd,' and John 3:16, 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.' I am not sure that this is the case any longer, at least not if social media is to be believed anyway.

I am convinced that the most well known bible verse in the world, particularly amongst those who don't regularly attend a church or identify as Christian is actually Mark 12:31. What does it say? 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' 

The unfortunate reality is that this verse is mainly being quoted towards Christians prefixed by something like, 'well that is hardly very love-your-neighbour-your-self-like.' Somewhere in the past decades the sense for many is that some Christians are not as loving as they could be, that they are far from fulfilling this second greatest commandment. 

Yet, when I look at the wider christian church I see everyday people doing wonderful things. I see parents seeing other people's children going hungry in the school holidays and starting a Make Lunch kitchen. I see Christians Against Poverty centres opening up all over the country alongside Food Banks and Housing Projects. There are many christians on the frontline of loving their neighbours. Normal people doing little things that make a huge difference. 

Last week we thought about what we want God to do for us in this city, with our families and our friends. The other hand on the steering wheel of our mission in the world is what He is asking us to do; to love our neighbour.

When you think of the people you see everyday, what can you do to love them better? Is there someone in your workplace who is isolated from the others? Can you befriend them? What about your physical neighbours? Do you know them well? How can you love them today?

We are called to be a people who are known for our love for one another but also as a people who love those who are right next to us as if they were our very selves. Imagine what would happen if all of us lived that way even if just for a few weeks. 

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