What do you want me to do for you?

It is so good to finally be in Bath and starting life with you here at Hay Hill. Becky and I want to say a big thank you for such a great welcome to the city and for the wonderful gifts and cakes that have arrived at the Manse. We are thankful for the hills in Bath that will help us burn off the extra calories we have enjoyed. 

I've been thinking over the past couple of weeks about an encounter Jesus had with a blind man, Bartimaeus, as recorded by Mark in the tenth chapter of his gospel. 

Jesus is passing by on His way into Jericho and Bartimaeus cries out to Him for mercy. I have always found Jesus reply surprising. 

'What do you want me to do for you?' 

Surely it was obvious what the man wanted. Yet Jesus chose to engage Him with Him as a partner not as a patient. In inviting Bartimaeus to make the faith filled request Jesus entered into a healing relationship with Him. 

As I begin my role here as Minister and we begin a new season of life together as a church I wonder how we would answer that question. My prayers to this point have been quite vague asking for His blessing to be on our church or for wisdom to help me lead but I wonder if our Father wants us to be just a little more specific. What do we want Him to do for us?

When we look at our city and the opportunities to serve in it and to bring the gospel to it what are we asking Him to do for us?

When we think of our friends and families who have never encountered the love of God what do we want Him to do for us? 

May we enter this new season considering what we want Him to do and may we pray faith-filled prayers asking Him for exactly what we want to see.

I am excited to see what God does in response.