Changing perspectives

There are always two sides to every story. In every interaction with an other person that we have, there are two narratives being written. We can all think of a conversation that we have left sure of what has just happened, only to find that the other person has left with a completely different opinion. 

We also see it in circumstances. We experience a circumstance in our families, at work or in our day to day and can be shocked by the reactions that some people have to it. We can be having a stress reaction when those around us are pictures of serenity. We see people react to a conversation with real anger when we find it hard to see what the big deal is. 

Whether we realise it or not many of our experiences of the present are governed by our past experiences. We can find stress in situations that have similarities to things that have harmed us before. We find ourselves calm in situations that we have overcome before. What we carry in our baggage has real impact on how we deal with the details of our lives. The things that we have packed in our memories govern how we see what we face today. How we look at something will change how we see it. 

I've always found this helpful when we think of verses like Lamentations 3:25 (he says as if he thinks about Lamentations all the time.) Of course we all know it by heart but in case you don't here it is:

"The Lord is good to those who's hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him."

I read verses like this and on first reading they jar a little with my theology. I believe in underserved grace. I believe that God pours blessings out on those who seek him and on those who don't. I believe God is impartial with His love. So when I read something like this at first glance I wonder how it fits into my view of my Father. 

I wonder though if this actually is speaking of a heart view; about how the position of our hearts changes the way we experience God's blessings. I suppose if we position our hearts towards seeking Him, if we place our hope in Him our reactions to His actions in our lives will be different. If we have hearts that are not for God, that do not seek Him at all I would imagine that much of His commandments and ways would seem like anything but good. 

Does a belief in the goodness of God enable us to see more of His goodness? I think it does.

Let's be those who seek Him and hope in Him and to call Him good in all situations. May we have eyes to see His blessings and hearts that call them good.