Waiting Well

I wonder how you are doing with any resolutions you may have made at the start of the year. Perhaps your resolution was aspirational, to be fitter, to read more, to travel more. For many years I resolved to become fitter but if I am honest with myself I prefer chocolate to a treadmill. 

In years past my failure to stick to my resolutions can be easily explained. I didn't fail because I lacked resolve or desire. I failed because I lacked any plan, I set aspirations and not goals. I didn't say, 'I am going to run 15 miles a week', I said, 'I will get fitter.' Often we can miss what we aim for because the promise we make with ourselves doesn't include any plan for our action. 

The Bible is full of promises from God to His people that come coupled with directions on how to see those promises fulfilled. If we think of the story of Noah' God promises to save Noah and His family but Noah has to build the ark. 

In Deuteronomy 1:21 we see one of these promises. God speaks to the Hebrews through Moses and promises them the land of Canaan but it comes with the direction to go and get it. I know too many people who have believe that God has made promises to them but they don't seem to want to do anything to see that promise come to pass.

Examples of God's promises to people in Scripture that come without a direction are rare. He calls us to go and take hold of His promise. As we head off into 2016 ask revisit the promises of God that you carry in your heart and ask yourself, and ask Him, what is He calling you to do in order to see that promise come to pass.