Timing is everything

Do you remember Gregor Mendel? What about Aaron Sargent? Francis Ronalds? Of that list Mendel is by the far the most well known. I'll help you out if you can't place him. Do you recall as a child in science class having to draw those little square diagrams when studying basic genetics? Well those were dreamt up by Mendel. He had been looking at pea plants and worked out that the colour of flowers of a generation of plants were governed by the plants of the previous generation. He was a genius but was ignored and ridiculed during his lifetime. A man ahead of his time. 

Aaron Sargent was another such man. He proposed that all women should be granted voting rights in the United States 42 years before anyone else was considering it a possibility. And Ronalds? Well Francis Ronalds invented what we essentially know as Morse code, yet he is forgotten. 

There is a long list of forgotten geniuses who were well ahead of their time; missing fame and fortune by the timing of their discoveries. The world wasn't ready for them.

I've heard Jesus referred to as someone before His time. His rejection and crucifixion described as the results of a message that the world wouldn't be ready to hear for decades. Yet we read in the middle of the first chapter of Ephesians that Jesus arrived at exactly the right time. That at the right time everything would be brought under Christ. 

There is great comfort in these words. There is great comfort in knowing a God who is not out of control of things but in due time will reveal the mystery of Christ. In a world of uncertainty we can take refuge in knowing that even when it looks like His actions are wrong or His inaction is inexplicable that somehow He is working for good and that His heart is for all of us.