Doubled Down

There is a phrase that I am hearing a lot recently, mainly in reference to political figures like Donald Trump. The phrase is, 'double down.' From what I can tell it means that someone has not only said something controversial or of note once but when questioned on it has repeated it with even more vigour. You can see why it gets bandied around in the same breath as the name Trump.

The phrase came to mind today when considering a couple of verses in the Bible. The first in Ephesians, the writer compares the love of a husband for his bride as the love that Christ has for the church. The church is the Bride of Christ. This draws from Jesus speech in John 14, 'in my Father's house there are many rooms ... I go to prepare a place for you ... that where I am you may also be.' It has been noted that the language in John 14 is the language of betrothal. Jesus is using words that a Jewish man would speak to his betrothed before going to literally prepare a place for her in his father's house. When he returned she would enter the family of his father and gain access to all the blessings that the family possessed. It is a wonderful picture of entering the family God. There is a place for us in this family. 

The Bible however doesn't just leave it there it doubles down on it. In Romans 8:15 we move a step closer into the family of God. We are described by Paul as receiving a Spirit of adoption; we are brought into the family as heirs through adoption. Adoption in our context is beautiful, a child enters into a family and gains the blessings of that family. Adoption in New Testament times went even further. In adopting a child the adopter didn't just identify the child with their family name but identified them with themselves. The authority in the adopter was held by the adopted, the position, influence, wealth etc. all belonged the the adopted as it did the adopter. 

When the Romans read the words Spirit of Adoption it meant something powerful. Not only were the the bride of Christ, loved and cherished by him but they shared his obligations and position. They became co-heirs of the Father, they became sons and daughters of God. 

Knowing that in Christ our acceptance and blessing is 'doubled down' upon brings a great sense of liberation. The Father brings us into the family collectively as a bride and as individual sons and daughters. We are adopted to a life of empowerment, blessing and love with Him. On the bad days that is worth remembering.