Sing a new song


"He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him." Psalm 40:3

Singing has been central to the Christian tradition from the beginning. Theologians can pull a few texts out of the New Testament and make strong cases that the writers we wither penning or quoting hymns or spiritual songs. In the early centuries of the church songs were written to teach theology to the believers. Many couldn't read and the best way to learn their faith was to sing it. Rhythm and rhyme led to memorisation. 

That is a common theme throughout history finding a peak with the Wesley brothers and the rise of Methodism. Charles Wesley wrote around 6000 hymns and as a result many understood the message of Jesus at a level they wouldn't have had he not written. 

Today many of our songs are written with a different perspective. Often our songs are written to capture the emotions to guide us into a place of awareness of God. Few are written with theological education in mind; although they definitely have that effect. 

This isn't a thought to compare the two but in fact to show that they are both sides of the same coin. Whether we sing songs of deep theological meaning or more emotional responses to the gospel we are putting a new song on our lips that draw praise from our hearts. 

When asked why we sing in church I always come back to this place. We sing because putting the words of truth and hope on our lips, coupled with the beauty of music we can call our soul to peace and rest. Living in the world is sometimes hard, sometimes our situations tell us that there is no hope, there is no peace to come and where we are now will never change. Singing songs about a God who will never leave us, a God who loves us and came to rescue will draw our hearts to hope in Him. 

If you can find time to sing today do it. Sing about the God who will never let you go; even in the middle of the storms you might be facing.