A still small voice

Like every good Sunday school kid I remember the story of Elijah on the mountain top watching the Lord pass by. For those who don't remember the story, in short, it goes like this. The Lord calls to Elijah and tells him to stand on a rock and watch for The Lord to pass by. Elijah duly obliges. 

There is a wind so powerful that it tears rocks from their place. The Lord was not in the wind. The wind is followed by an earthquake. The Lord is not in the earthquake. The earthquake is followed by a fire. The Lord is not in the fire. As the fire dies down Elijah hears a still, small voice. Quiet and peaceful. The Lord was in the voice. The Lord was in the quiet. His passing by was in the stillness, not in the noise. 

These past two weeks have felt chaotic; wind, earthquake and fire. Resignation upon resignation. Momentous political changes that will impact generations for good or for bad. An apparent desire for some in our parliament, on both sides of the house,  to push a self-destruct button. The fortnight rounds up with the Chilcot Enquiry reminding us of our human condition, laden with frailty and the ability to cause unrelenting harm to one another.

At times it has been hard to know what or whom to trust, the media promises doom no matter what we decide. Our politicians seem to change course at a moments notice. Where is God in all of this? 

Will we hear him in the talking heads all bellicose and educated disagreeing ever more loudly on our screen? Will we hear him in the reflection and regret of the mistaken flexing of military muscle? Will we hear him in the creaking and apparent crumbling of decades old political parties and international alliances? The world is a noisy place at the moment and yet, I believe God is speaking clearly to us, but not in the noise, in a still small voice. 

It is hard to draw our attention away from the events of the world. It seems that once we begin to gain our senses from one shock another one lands. More than ever it feels important to steal moments of calm and silence in which we can hear His voice. Take time to listen, to rest your mind and soul and to hear Him. Listen for His voice hope, listen for His promises to be with you in all of this, listen for His comfort and peace.