"The NHS started out as a small group, joining the youth from the three churches; Nexus, St. Michaels and Hayhill. It has grown in numbers and we now have at least 15-20 members. The group has allowed us to make friends with young people from other churches in our area and we have all enjoyed spending time in each others company. As well as sessions on Sundays’, we meet at weekends during the month for fun social evenings. We have games nights, sports evenings and lots of attempts at baking (some more successful than others!). My best memories are from our time spent at Woodcroft Christian Centre where we had so many laughs. My favourite thing about our group is our friendship and discussions, it’s so good to have a social group outside of school where you can talk with people about your faith and have a fun time. I have learnt so much from the group and have so many friends, everyone is wonderful; the leaders are especially wise and kind. We eat lots of food in our sessions, laugh lots and learn lots of important skills and messages. I am so glad to be a part of such a joyful and talented bunch of people." – Tilly.

Months with 5 Sundays will feature a Cafe Church feature. This will be a time to come together and reflect on where we have been, where we are going and to do so over a nice cup of something nice. Cafe Church is informal and a lot of fun.