Steve Chalke: The drinks are on me

On the occasion of a Sunday to celebrate the partnership of Hay Hill Baptist Church with Oasis to form Oasis Bath, the founder of our organisation Steve Chalke speaks about a passage he was first given to speak on many years ago: John chapter 2, and the first sign of the Kingdom that John gives us… Jesus turning water into wine.

Steve’s younger self came to the conclusion that the story was there to say loud and clear at the start of Jesus’ ministry: the drinks are on me! What does he think now?

Steve also shares some thoughts on old buildings with a mishmash of extensions and how that applies to theological systems. As we set out as a fledgling community hub, we should stop deconstructing and start building something together. The banners at the front of our church say “Come as you are” and Steve refers to this as another way of saying the same thing Jesus was saying at Cana in Galilee. A good foundation for our way ahead.

This talk was recorded on Sunday 7th October 2018. No drinks were forthcoming.